Friday, April 28, 2006

Saving money never tasted so good

Every so often CNN has a slow news day, or maybe they just get tired of letting us know just how screwed up our world is. When this happens, you never know what kind of offbeat story they'll be covering, but you can bet it's going to be something lighter than nukes, Bush, war, budgets, murder, gas prices, and the general go-lock-yourself-in-a-closet-and-hide news we watch on a daily basis.

When offbeat rules the newscast, you get something like The Beerbelly ... the mother of resourcefulness, no doubt. (And a clear indicator of just how sneaky, lazy and shameless we Americans can truly be.)

The Beerbelly, featured on CNN yesterday, is basically a Camelbak for your belly that allows you to sneak beer, sodas or your beverage of choice into ballgames, movie theaters, concerts, etc.

The catch? People think you've got a fat, fat belly (depending, of course, on how much liquid you're storing in the bag harnessed around your waist.)

The hose attached to the container of beer can either be used as a straw or a spout to pour the beverage into a cup. The point being that you won't have to pay $7 a can for beer at the ballpark or $4 for a soda at the movie theater.

And the price for the glory of a Beerbelly? You could go cheap and pay $34.95 for your basic setup. But why would you do that? Think of all the money you'll be saving at baseball games this summer ... $49.95 gets you the Beerbelly Deluxe, which includes cleaning brushes and the Pleasure Extender (go to the Web site and figure that one out yourself).

I hear they're going fast. But my question is what does a person do if he (or she) already has a good old-fashioned beer belly earned after countless years of slamming back beer and nachos? ... food for thought on a slow news day.