Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cheap sneaks alert

I must share the bargain of all bargains I fell into this past week!

After somehow managing to get white primer all over my favorite pair of tennis shoes while painting, I knew it was time for a new pair of sneakers. Little did I know I would find the Mecca of shoe shopping at Discover Mills in Atlanta.

I stumbled upon the Adidas outlet, and, thinking it would be like every other so-called "outlet" that boasts low prices that I could probably find at any department store, I had little hope of getting a deal on my new sneakers.

But I am able to admit when I'm wrong, and boy was I ever w-r-o-n-g.

$21.99 later, I walked out of the store a very happy girl with my new Adidas tennis shoes. Did you hear me? $21.99!!!

Who knew there were still true outlets left in the world? And who knew you could find sneakers for less than $60?!?