Friday, May 26, 2006

Joan Cusack, Mariah Carey, Jeb Bush?!?

What celebrity do you most resemble? I'd never really thought of it until I stumbled upon this nifty site via Kate (aka "Jennifer Garner", and I swear, I've been scanning just about everyone's faces I know to see which celebrities they resemble most.

OK, so I can see the Joan Cusack thing (pictured) a little bit ... and surprisingly when you put one particular photo of me next to one of Mariah Carey, there is a slight resemblance (it's all in the chin), but please - for the love of God tell me I really don't look like Jeb Bush! Please?!?

Yep ... some how, some way, this Web site thinks that 56 percent of my face resembles good ol' Jeb. I think they're wrong.

Try it, and let me know who you look like!