Thursday, June 01, 2006

Freckles, freckles, freckles ...

I've been off for the last two days. And it's been a glorious two days spent lounging by the pool, and ... Well ... that's really about it.

Each year around this time I take great care in applying sun block to my skin because - thanks to a mother who is your typical fair-skinned redhead - I inherited a stark white complexion that burns (fries) easily.

I will settle for nothing less than 45 spf on my face and 25 spf on my arms, legs, etc. Anything more and I would get zero sun; anything less and I'd look like a lobster.

There is one thing, however, that happens NO MATTER WHAT I do to protect my skin ... I could plaster 200 spf sun block all over my face 10 times per hour and still, literally within minutes of stepping outside on a sunny day, I will sprout freckles all over my cheaks and nose. This year is no different. They're taking over my face, and I'm not sure they're cute any more.

There's no covering the suckers up, either. Makeup doesn't do a thing. It's just one of life's little phenomenons that mystifies me. They're like Gremlins, in a way ... only instead of water, sunlight fires them up. Oh wait ... didn't Gremlins have a reaction to sunlight, too? But that's beside the point ...

I just don't like 'em any more.