Monday, June 05, 2006

Semi vs. Volkswagen

There's nothing like leaving work on a beautiful Saturday afternoon knowing that the rest of your day will be spent outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the weekend.

Life is good - especially on days like this past Saturday when I knew I was about to begin enjoying a relaxing afternoon. But then, out of the blue it hit me - the day was about to get a little less good, and a lot more expensive ... and there was nothing I could do about it.


The semi-truck in front of me blew out one of its rear tires, sending rubber shards every which way, including onto the hood of my car and down to my bumper. I jumped in my seat, said a few choice words and looked into my rear-view mirror just in time to see a parking light - that was once mounted inside my front bumper - sliding down the Interstate behind me.

Tire shard:1
Volkswagen: 0

Upon getting home and inspecting the damage, I was impressed. Not only had the piece of tire left large black marks all over my hood and fender, it had literally ripped out my light. It looks as though a professional removed it. No wires left, no nothing.

So, now I'm awaiting a ruling from my insurance company as to whether flying tire shards smacking into my poor little Volkswagen constitutes as a "collision" ($250) or "comprehensive" ($100).

Guess which one I'm hoping for ...