Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thoughts on 3-0

Somehow the last few days have slipped past without even a thought of posting anything here. That's probably because not much has happened - at least nothing worthy of writing about.

I did, however, have an interesting conversation with a friend at work about turning 30. She and I will both be transitioning into what I've always considered the decade that's truly an "adult" next year. And although age is just a number, it's a number that can pick away at a person's psyche. Anyhow, my friend's father asked what she was going to do during the last year of her 20s - something big, something adventurous, something new.

That got me thinking. He's right - you really should try to live your life with a bang no matter what year you're approaching, but especially near the end of another decade. Doing something you never thought you'd do, or something you're afraid of helps us stay young. And I'm all about that!

So, as many of you know - I'm petrified of flying ... I don't even think "petrified" adequately sums up my fear, phobia, what ever you may call it, but let's just say that the thought of flying turns my stomach, makes me faint and although I love to travel, I always find alternative means of getting where I'm going.

But this is the last year of my 20s ... and I'm going to fly ... to New York City, where I have been dreaming about visiting since I heard of the Big Apple as a child. It's kind of a 2-for-1 deal: I'm conquering a fear (hopefully) and visiting a city I've always wanted to take in.

So, bring on the meds! Stacey's flying in September!!