Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The great birthday fiasco

My father's 63rd birthday is approaching rapidly, and I'm at a loss.

The issue at hand is what to buy the man who quite literally lives to golf ... and golfs to live. The problem lies in the fact that my dad has everything he could possibly want to maintain his "lifestyle" (because golfing is more than a mere hobby, of course).

Every year I buy him the same thing ... a golf shirt and a bathroom book (yep ... you know those "Uncle John's Readers" - classy, eh?). This year I want to do something different, but what? He has no other hobbies - except frequenting the Black Jack tables at casinos throughout the South and cruising whenever possible. So, that doesn't help much.

Is it me, or is it next to impossible to buy for parents? Mine always say not to worry about birthday gifts or Christmas presents, but we all know that's just crazy talk. I need help - and I need help ASAP ... the big day is Thursday!