Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Malan, how I loved thee ...

First, I must preface this by saying that whenever possible, Wednesday night posts will be nothing but Project Runway, and I apologize if this is a bore to some of you, but I must discuss this topic because right now it is very important. And that's that. Thanks!

OK ... Malan is out and I am so VERY sad.

He had the perfect snotty - and quite possibly fake - British accent combined with a high sense of drama that would creep out at just the right times - which makes for excellent reality TV. But most importantly, of course, is that the man can design clothes that are drop-dead gorgeous. Granted, the poop-brown gown he concocted for Miss U.S.A. in tonight's episode was a bit confusing - not to mention very unflattering up top - but he truly had potential. His details were fabulous ... just not perfectly executed.

I loved him, and now the show is really going to be lacking that dramatically charming designer, and I'm just disappointed beyond belief.

And yet again, Vincent the freakshow makes it by the judges. His gown was a charming color, and the material was pretty amazing, but I have to say it truly was too simple to be in the Miss Universe pageant. I was very surprised to hear Miss U.S.A. come to his defense when his partner, Angela, bashed it on stage.

And what was with him being so possessive of his design? OK, yes, it was his design, but Angela was there to help. And when she tried to help, he literally shooed her away. Of course she would be offended by that. He didn't take any of her advice and shot her down on several occasions.

Next week looks to be interesting, but I have to say that the loss of Malan is going to make Project Runway a little less classy, if you ask me. Not that you did, but that's just how I feel.