Friday, July 21, 2006

My new 'do' and other stuff

After weeks of thinking something about my head looked just plain bad, I finally figured out my hair was way too long. Upon my revelation, I immediatly headed to the salon and had a good 5 inches hacked off. Let me just say, I feel sooo much better!

To go along with my new "do" I decided to try for a whole new look in general, which necessitated a shopping trip. I lucked out when I walked through the doors of Old Navy, where they are having the clearance sale of all clearance sales. Five shirts and two pairs of capris later, I'd only spent $45. Can you believe that?

I'm about to book my flight to NYC. Seriously ... I'm going to FLY. I'm scared stiff, and every time I think about it, my stomach gets all flippy. I can only imagine how sick I'm going to be come Sept. 8. Ugh.

Next week at work I'll be assisting with our Hispanic newspaper. I'm also quite nervous about that. It's been ages since I've spoken Spanish, and I sincerely doubt my level of comprehension of the language. Wish me luck.

I think that's about it. Have a happy weekend!