Saturday, July 29, 2006

Project Runway ... 3 days later

It's been a long week for me, and I'm feeling a little guilty for neglecting my blog - and not posting about this week's "Project Runway" episode (Sorry, Kate!). I've been busy with work and a number of other dull responsibilities, but I'm still alive!

As for "Project Runway," I must say I was somewhat bored with this week's episode. But, that may have been because I only caught bits and pieces of it due to 1. A phone call that was a blast from the past, and 2. Nodding off midway through the show from sheer exhaustion.

I know, I know ... I'm ashamed. But, I will say that I agreed with the judge's decision to send Katherine home, even though I had hoped she'd dazzle me with her groovy snowboarding style. She's right out of design school - unlike the others - and I wanted to root for, but her sporty fashion approach didn't even begin stack up to her competition. The concept of this week's episode - design for a dog and her diva, basically - made my stomach turn. But I had to laugh when the designers met Tim in Central Park to get the lowdown on their assignments and Laura showed up all decked out in what appeared to be something a horse jockey would don just before a race ... complete with the knee-high boots and tight riding pants. Cheeseball, cheeseball ...

Anyhow, I'm still trying to figure out who truly has a shot at winning - but thus far, I'd have to say Keith is it, despite his flat-out arrogance. I don't like him for a hundred different reasons, but let's face it, he's good.