Monday, September 04, 2006

Myspace, you are so cool

Yes, yes ... I know. Myspace is for teenagers, college students and adults who are desperate for attention. Stick me in the last category because that's got to be where I fit - considering I'm no teen, and college was 6 very short years ago.

No, I'm not looking for dates or an infinite number of "friends" ... but I have had the fortune of reconnecting with a few old friends who have been missing from my daily life for a number of years. And I must say, it's been cool.

First there was Diane, who was my best friend in 2nd and 3rd grades while our families were stationed in Okinawa, Japan, in the 1980s. We've exchanged emails and old photos and updates of ourselves and our families. It's both amazing and odd at the same time, but wow ... that was such a long time ago, and hearing from her was a huge blast from the past.

Then there was a couple friends from college who had pretty much fallen off my radar for years. I'd often wondered if Joel and April had worked out their differences and finally gotten married ... turns out they did not. Joel is still single and is an artist in Atlanta. Vanessa is also in Atlanta working for a university and has had a number of life changes - all of which I've just recently heard about.

And out of nowhere, I get a friend request from Chad. A friend who knew how to make everyone laugh, knew how to party, and who still holds the rights to the craziest thing that ever happened in the parking lot of our college house. (We'll save that for another day).

Chad lives in Woodstock, Ga., just a few miles from my best friend's house in the same town. Small world, I guess. Anyhow, I met up with him after all these years on Saturday. We had the best time just catching up and, of course, telling old college stories. One thing we realized was that, although we saw each other on a regular basis in college, we never really knew each other at all. Learning how much we had - and still have - in common is very cool.

Plans have been made for hockey games and movie nights, and it's so weird to think that I've gained an old friend thanks to a site that I still roll my eyes at - even though it's so cool.