Thursday, September 28, 2006

Project Runway, where are you?!?

This is the second week in a row that I've come home from work to watch my beloved "Project Runway," and it hasn't been on at its normal 1 a.m. re-airing time. Last week it was a previous episode, and this week it was the oh-so boring "Million Dollar Listing."

What gives?!?

So, I do not have a reaction post ... I'm just hoping I'll get to see this week's episode at some point before next week's reunion show. This is yet another example of why working nights can really screw with a person's schedule.

Anyhow ... I'm sorry I've completely neglected my blog. I've been running all over the place lately, and it's been good - but I've been sooo tired. I'm ready for some time off, and thank goodness next month I've got five days of vacation. Three of those days will be spent in Statesboro for Georgia Southern's homecoming game against App. State.

God, please let us kick their butts ...

So, that's definitely something to look forward to! And then there's my cruise, which is rapidly approaching in early December. I can't wait to hit the white sands of the Bahamas. It's been two years since my last true vacation, and this is much, much, much-needed.