Sunday, October 15, 2006

Georgia Southern needs a miracle, I know

Homecoming 2006: Georgia Southern vs. App. State.

Most likely my beloved Eagles are going to get smeared by those vile Mountaineers. But I do believe in miracles - which is, I fully realize, what we'll be needing around noon on Saturday.

I went to GSU back in the heyday of our football program. Paul Johnson was coach, Adrian Peterson ran his heart out and there was no stopping those men in blue and white. Heading to the I-AA National Championship game each season seemed to be a given, and fans followed the team every where they went just to see yet another opponent go down.

It's not like that anymore. But, you know, it's cool with me ... Georgia Southern football, now, has become that one weekend a year where I get to see my old college friends, do a little tailgating while trying (and failing) to party like we did in college.

So this weekend an old college friend and I are packing up and heading south to Statesboro, where we'll don our blue and white shirts, yell and those vile Mountaineers and throw back a few drinks in the company of true friends.

Whether or not we win is pretty inconsequential. It's all about good times spent with great friends.

But, I will say: GOOO EAGLES!!