Monday, November 27, 2006

And they're off!

I'm finished! I mailed out the ornaments I've been working on night and day (yeah, I'm slow) for the last three weeks. And I must say it feels really great ... but I'm a little sad that my part in the swap is over.

But, on the bright side, now I get to sit back and wait for other crafters' ornaments to arrive in my mailbox, which is sooo much fun, too! Like the other day when I opened it up to find this cute little kangaroo all the way from Sydney, Australia. Isn't it great?!?

Oh, and here's another from Illinois. Everything about this mitten is recycled, according to its creator. Very cool.

There are more truly original swap creations in the Flickr pool if you're curious.

I'm really looking forward to next year's ornament swap ... I had never even heard of online swaps, and goodness knows I'd never actually created something by sewing two things together. So, it was definitely a learning process!!

I'm going to reward myself with a trip to the Bahamas next week ... I can't wait!

Actually, the trip has been planned for months now, and I'm so very happy that it's finally getting close enough that I can begin making preparations (i.e. packing and writing list after list of things not to forget!).

That is another post alltogether, so I'll wait til later for that!