Thursday, November 30, 2006

She has no idea how easy she has it

This morning I was taking a break from cleaning my apartment before my mother and her boyfriend get here (Saturday ... yikes!!!) and happened to look over to see Anna yawn and stretch like she'd been working all day long.

At that point I'd only been up for an hour or so and had cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen and was about to tackle the living room. I was tired, smelled like Lysol Kitchen Cleaner and wanted a massage.

Instead, Anna looked up at me and groaned. The following was our exchange:

Me: "I hear ya, Anna."
Anna: Stares blankly
Me: "You have no idea how easy you've got it."
Anna: Looks at me like I'm speaking another language
Me: "I really should teach you to mop the floors."
Anna: Another groan

And that was pretty much how my day went. I cleaned, she groaned.