Thursday, December 14, 2006

Itenerary changes are awesome

When we woke up Tuesday morning Jim and I expected to be in Coco Cay. We were ready for a couple hours of kayaking and then several hours of lounging around the beach in full-on lazy mode. But as we made our way up to the Windjammer for breakfast, Jim and I noticed something funny. No land was in sight. None. Only water - and lots of it. Apparently we'd missed the announcement that we would be be spending the day at sea due to high winds that would have made it unsafe for us to tender over to the island. But what made things even more interesting was that we'd be docking later that evening in Nassau and would be in port for over 24 hours. Very cool. Until then, however, there were pool games including the inevitable belly flop contest. It looks painful, but man is it entertaining.

Here are some more pictures.

No, my mother isn't undressing that girl! Sheesh - get your minds out of the gutter! Ha!
Acutally, she was asked to help out during one of the onboard games during our (half) day at sea. Several teams of four people were attempting to smoosh themselves together tighter than other teams. Whichever group had the least circumference won. Mom was measuring this team. Fun stuff, you know ...

Starbucks is everywhere these days - even in the Bahamas. We didn't go in, but this was by far the most interesting and appealing Starbucks I'd ever seen.

Several other ships were in port when we arrived including a Carnival ship and an itty bitty (and ancient-looking) ship from some bizarre cruiseline we'd never heard of. The passengers actually had to walk up metal stairs to the 4th deck to board. I wish we'd taken a picture.

Walking around downtown Nassau, we found a little Greek restaurant above a jewelry shop and decided to have a couple Kaliks - the local beer, which is really pretty good.

Walking back to the port after our evening in Nassau, Jim snapped this picture. I love city lights at night, and somehow ships remind me of little cities. Their lights reflecting on the water is so peaceful.