Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vacation Day 1

Because I've got a zillion things I'd love to post about, I've decided to break my vacation down into daily posts. That way you won't get too bored (hopefully), and each post may sound a little less jumbled!

So, here we go - Day 1:

A 10-hour road trip to Port Canaveral, FL, was our mission for the day. Ten hours spent in a vehicle with anyone can be a little nerve-racking, but this trip was A LOT nerve-racking.

Without going into too many details, I'll say this: My mother, who I love with all my heart, has a boyfriend who is quite unusual. It's weird seeing her with this guy, and he bugged the heck out of Jim and me pretty much the entire drive down to Florida.

After arriving at our hotel, I gave fellow blogger Jen (For the Birds) a call and made plans to meet later that evening after dinner. I was so excited to finally meet her, after having been blogging friends for about a year and a half.

So, after a great supper at a neat little restaurant called Grills, Jen met Jim and I at our hotel bar. It was awesome talking face-to-face with someone I felt like I'd known for a long time. She brought me the most incredible cookies she baked using her Sicilian grandmother's recipe.

Along with that, there was an adorable Boyd's Bears Christmas ornament, which looks so cute on my tree!

We talked and talked for what only seemed to be 30 min. or so, but was actually about 2 hours. It was a great time - but considering she had to be up at 4:30 a.m., our conversation had to end. Jim and I really enjoyed getting to know Jen a little better, and I hope to see her again the next time I sail from Port Canaveral!

After Jen went home, the stress of the drive began to take its toll. I'm not a big drinker, but sometimes a beer or two (or five) can be pretty darn good. And that's how things went. It got a little silly in the hotel bar - there was Jim and I and a large group of drug enforcement agents at the Radisson for a 2-week seminar. You can only imagine how loud things got!

We had so much fun that night, and we had even more fun to look forward to the next day when we finally boarded the ship headed for the Bahamas!

More tomorrow!!