Monday, January 15, 2007

I can't believe my eyes

It appears as though sex therapist Dr. Ruth now has a regular slot on the children's show Between the Lions on PBS.

As Dr. Wordheimer (clever, isn't it?), she plays a therapist who helps characters overcome their fear of long words.

Interesting ...

And then there's the words, themselves, who aren't happy with their meanings. After a little rearranging, the words are given a new lease on life. Take for instance, the epiosode I've just stumbled upon ... the poor little word "S-T-O-P" felt limited. So, Dr. Wordheimer took away the S and T, added an H and ta-dah! ... Who doesn't like the word "H-O-P"?

Is it me, or does anyone else find Dr. Ruth's presence on a children's show a tad bizarre, distrubing, creepy and way out-of-place? I wonder how the little old lady who writes and talks about all sorts of sexual pleasures and issues was even mentioned for a role on a kids' show ... much less added as a member of the cast.

I'll be waiting for the episode about the word "H-E-X." Can anyone guess what letter could be added in place of the "H" to make this sad, sad word feel happy?