Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Minivan maniac

My life flashed before my eyes this afternoon.

Well ... really all I saw was a concrete highway divider coming at me rapidly ... But when my car finally came to a complete stop, I did consider all the things I've yet to do on this earth and counted my blessings that I hadn't yet met my maker ...

Then I wiped the hot coffee from my trousers and tried not to toss my cookies.

But that's beside the point, I guess.

The point is, I'm alive tonight by the grace of God and my uber-quick reflexes. You see, a woman driving a not-so-'mini' minivan was in quite the hurry this afternoon on the freeway. She was compelled to weave in and out of traffic at rapid speeds, nearly clobbering more than one innocent commuter (my hand is raised here) in her path.

Unfortunately for me, Little Miss Speed Demon cut it a bit too close. This left me no other option than to slam on my brakes while swerving away from her but toward the concrete highway divider. A man driving the brand-new Mercedes behind me ended up in the pseudo-emergency lane, as well, as cars zoomed past.

Had I not hit the brakes, she'd really have sent me into the wall, along with a number of cars that were coming up behind us. I know she realized the accident she nearly caused, but of course she didn't so much as slow down to make sure everyone was OK. The woman kept going, cutting another driver off to move to the next lane.

People like that truly piss me off. She had no regard for anyone but herself, and quite literally could have seriously injured someone in her rush to God knows where.

Sometimes don't you wish you had the authority to issue citations to idiot drivers? I know I do.