Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm too sexy for my ...

You know when a pair of dueling piano players begin pounding the keys to that tune, something's gonna happen - especially when you've got three birthday boys lined up onstage waiting to shake what their mommas gave them.
It all began with an innocent ...
I'm too sexy for my shoes.

But what's the fun in taking off only your shoes ...
I'm too sexy for my belt.

Then it progressed to ...
I'm too sexy for my shirt.

(are you singing along, here?!?)

And because all the birthday boys were wearing T-shirts ...
I'm too sexy for my Teeeee-shirt.

While we're at it, what's wrong with ...
I'm too sexy for my pants.
And that's where it was supposed to end, but there was one guy in particular who was taking great joy in stripping in front of his group of friends.

Cameras were clicking left and right, and I believe he was blinded by his sudden fame ... or the flash from about a half-dozen cameras that kept going off simultaneously.

Now that I think about it, all those flashes must have given him the bright idea to jump on top of a table and PULL HIS BOXERS DOWN while shaking his white badonkodonk for all the world to see.

This wasn't a quick flash ... he shook his tail feather more than once, let out an amazing shriek and turned around to make sure his booty was being digitally recorded - for prosperity, I would ass-ume.

Finally after each of his friends snapped a picture of his *ahem* in various poses, the boxers were pulled up and the show was over.

And thank goodness ... it was not a portrait of bootyliciousness! Ha!