Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ketchup, catsup, catch-up

Blogging has been put on the back-burner lately in my little world. I have been so busy and it's really been fun, but wow ... am I tired!

This past weekend I was a guest of a guest at a wedding in Savannah. That means I knew nobody at all except Chad, who only knew the bride and groom, the groom's parents and two of the groomsmen. It was a rather large wedding, and we pretty much felt lost in the crowd at the reception.

In total, we were in the car 10 hours in a 24-hour period. It was not fun, and I believe we had each lost a little bit of our sanity by the time we arrived back in Chattanooga on Sunday.

But, at least we spent a little time walking around the squares of Savannah, had a couple drinks at Kevin Barry's Pub on River Street and had a little time to enjoy the city we spent many nights partying in when we were at Georgia Southern. (Here's a picture of a seagull who didn't mind at all that I took a half-dozen pictures of him up-close.)

It was nice to be back in South Georgia, but our time was so limited that it was really a whirlwind trip. Another night or two would have been much better.


And now, I must say thank you to everyone who showed sympathy for me and my bad luck with my car. I wrote that post in 2 minutes-flat because I was so frustrated, and looking back I feel very ungrateful. I was lucky enough to have the money to have the alternator replaced ... if it had, in fact, needed replacing.

Yep ... the part was NOT going out on me. It was just fine, if you can believe it. My luck has changed, and I couldn't be more thankful.

To spare you the long story, I'll just say that I took my car to a local mechanic bright and early Friday morning, waited 30 minutes in the cold for him to come out and hook my car up to another meter, listened as he told me there was not a darn thing wrong with it, asked him if he was sure, listened to him tell me the guy at Advance Auto Parts apparently didn't know how to read a meter and then drove my car home and went back to bed. A day later, I still couldn't believe it was true - that my luck had changed course, but I've finally come to grips with my fortune. I'm so happy, and the money is still in savings. Woo!