Thursday, February 01, 2007

One benefit of insomnia ...

... is that I got to see the snow before most people! ... It's the little things, right?!?

Click on the photos to enlarge ... they're sort of blurred, but who cares? It's snow!

I suppose I've turned into a true Southerner, because I was so excited to see the white stuff when I looked out my window! I even went to the grocery store last night when I got off work ... just in case.

But, hey, how often does it snow here? The last time I can remember was two or three years ago!

Apparently, the snow has turned into sleet, which isn't good. And, as you can see, the winter weather is leading the morning newscasts - they even put a poor guy outside to measure the snow with a ruler!

They're saying we got about an inch of snow, but on my balcony, it looks like at least 2 inches.

Very cool.

OK! I guess I should get back to sleep ... Be safe out there if it's wintery where you are!