Thursday, March 29, 2007

I heart flowers

Spring has officially sprung in Chattanooga — and at my house!

I went for a walk in Coolidge Park on Tuesday and decided then and there it was time to plant some flowers of my own.

There were blooms everywhere at the park, from the flower beds filled with pansies to wildflowers springing up through the rocks on the river banks to this tree — where even the bark was sprouting pink blooms. It was gorgeous!

So, after stopping by a few shops on Frazier Avenue, I headed over to The Home Depot, where they had tons and tons of plants. It took me forever to decide, but I think I got a relatively good start!

This is what my poor flower pots looked like before:

And this is what they look like now:

And that's only three of them! I also planted some gorgeous yellow miniature pansy-looking flowers. I think they're my favorite ... You know you're dying to see a picture, so here ya go!

Yeah, yeah ... I know I'm crazy, but I just love spring and the beautiful colors it brings with it.

I've still got a few empty pots that I need to fill, so I think I may swing by Lowe's or a local nursery sometime next week to finish things up. I love red geraniums, but couldn't find any at The Home Depot, so I'm hoping they'll be somewhere else!

How about you guys? Have you started your spring planting? What are your favorites?