Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If there ever were a time, it would be now

A time for a vacation, that is ...

Let me list the reasons:

1. First and formost, my birthday is Saturday. To be clear on how important this is, I have to say it's my 30th birthday. I'm not really looking forward to that number, but it's going to happen whether I like it or not - so a vacation is essential.

2. I am stressed out. Not just a little ... a LOT. There are many, many, many things on my mind lately including (Oooo ... a subcategory!):
a. Apartment life (Which I know I complain about far too often, but I'm sorry ... I can't afford to buy a house on an editor's salary.)
b. My car, which was leaking some fluid last night around 11 when I dropped some trash off at the dumpster. Oh joy.
c. My love life, which I don't talk about here because some things I like to keep to myself. But let's just say I'm not so good in relationships these days for a reason I can't seem to figure out - and that's making me feel pretty bad.
d. Money ... need I say more?
e. I'm on Day 9 of 11 at work. So tired. So very tired.
f. A variety of little things that add up to one big headache.
3. Isn't it always a great time for a vacation?!? I think so!!!

So, with all that said, this is the perfect opportunity for a road trip. On Sunday, I'm heading to Virginia and then on to D.C. It's going to be a somewhat hectic time, which I'm not looking forward to, but here's the rundown:
*Sunday night: At my mother's house in Lynchburg, VA.
* Monday and Tuesday: In Washington doing the whole tourist thing ... museums, monuments and shopping!
* Wednesday: Back at my mother's in Lynchburg.
* Thursday: Drive back to Chattanooga.
* Friday: Recuperate.
* Saturday: Wedding in Atlanta.
* Sunday: Back to work.
It's kind of busy, but I know it'll be fun once we get to where we're going and try to keep a reasonable pace.

My next vacation, however, will definitely involve the ocean, boat drinks and lots of sunshine!