Saturday, March 03, 2007

Waiting on the gain ... Er, loss.

In my world, whoever coined the expression "no pain, no gain" really meant "no pain, no loss." Sure, it doesn't rhyme, but I'm all about being realistic. There's nothing cute about hard work and sweat, so I'm changing that quote.

I'm proud to say that every day of this past week I've worked out - and hard. My legs are stiff and sore, but I've got my eye on the prize - which just happens to be a new wardrobe. Now that's motivation! So, if I lose 20 lbs., I've decided that I'll treat myself to a full-on shopping spree. I'd really like to drop 30 lbs., but I'm going to be practical about it.

I just need to keep this up, turn it into part of my lifestyle, and I'm sure the pounds will drop off and I'll feel much better about myself - not to mention my energy level will skyrocket. I can already tell a difference in that regard!

So, the word of the year is "Focus" and my new motto is, "No pain, no loss!"