Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Because today is a better day

I've fully recovered from the trauma of yesterday! Woo hoo!

All went well this morning at the quick lube place. Apparently, the oil leak was caused by the oil plug's gasket, which pretty much was nonexistent. So, they replaced that piece, filled my poor little car up with oil and sent me on my way.

Avoiding a costly repair was something I'd prayed hard for and actually got! Wow!!

As a little present to myself I went to Target and bought a couple of shirts. I'm trying hard not to buy clothes right now because of the whole dieting thing, but my summer clothes are shameful. Faded T-shirts from 5 years ago dominate my summer wardrobe. I figure I won't lose much weight up top, so buying shirts probably won't be a waste of money.

I go for my third weigh-in tomorrow afternoon. I'm pretty nervous because I know for a fact that I haven't been doing exactly what I should be doing. I've tried really, really hard to keep up with the water drinking, but I never seem to succeed. And last night while Luigi was checking my oil problem out, Allison grilled some hamburgers and, because I was completely famished, I ate one. But, I didn't add cheese, which is practically sacreligious to me. So I feel that was an OK compromise!

*Picture from my hike at Cloudland Canyon.