Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cloudland Canyon!

I've been meaning to post a few pictures from my afternoon at Cloudland Canyon State Park for days now, but you know how life is. I got busy with the whole diet thing, the whole work thing and the whole not feeling like going through all my pictures to pick the best ones thing.

But four days later here I am ... not too bad, eh?!?

The day was spent playing a round of disc golf, which was awesome but difficult, considering the Cloudland Canyon course is much more like a true golf course. It had much fewer trees to navigate around, which meant the wind was brutal. My discs were flying all over the dang place and landing in the worst possible spots ever. There were a couple briar patches and a very thick wooded area to contend with, but I made it out alive and have learned more about aiming a flying disc than I ever thought I'd want to know!

After playing, Jim and I set out for a hike down the canyon where we came across two waterfalls. The pictures here are the first one, and the prettiest one. I loved the bright purple flowers sprouting from the tree in front. It was so beautiful and peaceful down there - I didn't want to leave!!

But we had to get back because we were both hungry, so Jim snapped this silly picture of me, and we headed up and over to the second waterfall.

By the time we had gone up and down - and back up and back down - the canyon, I seriously thought I was going to fall slap over! But it all worked out, and the next day I had some wonderfully sore legs from the hike and sore arms from disc golf. It was great!

Anyhow, after the golf and hike, we grilled some hot dogs and had some Ruffles chips ... this was the last day of eating what I wanted, and for some reason I was craving grilled hot dogs and potato chips - I am so very classy, aren't I?

OK, here is one last picture. I don't know what kind of plant (or weed) this is, but there was a whole field of them just past the 18th hole and I though they were gorgeous.

Some were in midbloom and others were wild witih color. There were also daisies, some beautiful white and pink flowers and lots of buttercups everywhere. I just love flowers, and they were all so pretty!