Monday, May 14, 2007

I love disc golf!

I never thought I'd have the desire to throw discs at contraptions with chains hanging everywhere, but my very first round of disc golf was an absolute blast! (And I wasn't too terrible at it, either!)

Jim and I went to The Sinks this afternoon here in Chattanooga to play the 18 holes - surrounded by trees, funky artistic signs and some pretty challenging natural elements ... Oh, and I even spotted a snake that nearly slithered over my foot - and I didn't even scream!

I managed to make par three times, and landed my disc in the woods only a couple times.

This is a picture of one of the nasty pits (actually a sinkhole, hence the name "The Sinks") on a side of one of the holes. I couldn't get my camera up high enough to truly illustrate how deep it is, but as the sign implies, it would be a true bummer if you were to land your disc down there!

(Click on photos to make them larger)

Actually, I liked it so much that tomorrow I'm heading over to Cloudland Canyon to try out the course there and get in a little hiking on the trails, as well. ... Hopefully I won't encounter any snakes!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more stories and the next time I post I'll be more awake. I'm about to hit the sack after a long day in the sun ... I'm zonked!!