Friday, May 18, 2007

Sleepy diet hater

I've debated sharing my new "news" with you guys, but after two days of feeling somewhat disoriented and fragile, I figured what the heck. Maybe some of you have been through this before and will tell me I'm completely normal (even if it is a bit of a stretch!).

The thing is, I joined Weight Watchers on Wednesday. It took a lot of guts to do this because, well, I'm a bit of a foodaholic. I love all kinds of food, and I'm used to eating what I want, when I want it.

Times are changing, however, and my body isn't allowing me to continue eating like I'm 18. Every few months over the last couple of years I've gained weight. It was a pound here and a pound there at first, but now it's become 5 pounds here and 5 pounds there (most of the "heres and theres" seem to be drawn to my rapidly expanding belly, incidentally).

So, I thought and thought, and when the opportunity to attend meetings at my office came up, I couldn't deny the practical part of my brain, which was screaming at me to just do it, already! ... before things truly get out of hand.

So, I'm a few days into my new life as a Weight Watchers dieter. I'd love to say that I feel better already, that I'm excited about sticking to the points system and that I'm looking forward to meeting every week to discuss how great the program is for me.

Instead, I'm tired and cranky. I blame most of this on all the dadgum water I'm required to drink, and I always thought I was a good water-drinker. Six bottles a day, however, is enough to make me float to the ladies room just about every hour, on the hour. I am NOT kidding. I bet my co-workers think I've picked up some sort of intestinal bug because, seriously, who pees that much?!?

Yesterday was b-a-d. I thought I'd start the diet with a bang. So I tried to see how few points I could eat in a day. My suggested points intake is 21. I used 16, which I learned was not smart at all. I felt like something had mowed me down; I had a massive headache, and I was lethargic.

Today I've been smarter ... so far I've taken in 13 points, and my Lean Cuisine I'll have for dinner is worth 5. My cantaloupe and blackberry snack will be a total of 2 points. That will put me right at 20 for the day. I think that's pretty good, and I feel much more human today.

Except for the sleepiness. I can't figure it out. Maybe it's the lack of caffeine. Maybe my body is just adjusting to my eating habits being turned upside-down.

Regardless, I hope I wake up soon!