Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Juuuuune!!

Finally, the month I've been waiting for!

I've never really been a huge fan of the month of June. For some bizarre reason, my brain has always associated the word "June" with "prune" - and we all know about prunes.

But this prune ... I mean JUNE ... is different! This month is packed with so much happiness, fun and excitement that I can hardly bear to wait for it all to get here!

June is a month of some of my favorite peoples' birthdays:
· Megan , one of the best co-workers ever, celebrates on June 12.
· Kelley , my roommate from college who I miss very much, has a birthday on June 15.
· And Jim, my best buddy in the world, is turning the big 4-0 on June 23. (But he doesn't look a day over 30!)

Then there's the highly anticipated MIKA concert on June 16 in Atlanta! Kelley is meeting me for the show, the hotel has been booked and all I have to do now is wait. Oh, and I have a little over two weeks to decide what to wear to this event ... should I dress up like a lollipop girl or just wear a fun outfit that's easy to dance in?

... Just kidding - I wish I had to nerve to dress as a lollipop girl, but until I lose another 10 lbs., there will be none of that!

Next up is Jim's birthday party! His mother, brother and I have been busy putting together the guest list, nailing down a caterer, finding someone to bake an awesome cake, getting the guest list together, designing invitations, etc. It's no easy task pulling off a shin-dig for this guy, who has more friends than I could ever hope to have in a lifetime. But, I'm crossing my fingers it will be an amazing party ... I think it will be!

Four days after Jim's birthday, I'm leaving for Siesta Key, Fla., with Allison. I cannot express how excited I am about this vacation. It's been years since I've been to any beach longer than the few hours that cruise ships pull into a port. We'll be there for just three nights, but that's wonderful to me! Siesta Key is gorgeous, from what I've seen. I was watching the Travel Channel last week and they featured it on their "Top Florida Beaches" show ... it was ranked No. 2! I am SO ready to go!!

What about you guys? Any big summer plans this year that have you waiting (im)patiently?