Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WW update No. 2

After three weeks I've managed to drop 7.8 lbs! I am *so* excited!

Weight Watchers has been really great for me. At first, all that water really drove me crazy. But I think I'm finally used to it at this point. I actually crave water, which is completely wild. I love it, though!

I have found so many great-tasting, good-for-you recipes and snacks. I truly thought I'd be living off rice cakes and raw veggies - which is just not me. I like my turkey sandwiches and grilled chicken and french fries. ... Sadly, one of those menu items doesn't belong in my life anymore, but it's OK.

I'm hoping that by the time I hit the beach in three weeks I'll be another 6-8 lbs. lighter! Cross your fingers!!