Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth! Have some pictures!

If you ever, ever have the chance to take a vacation to Siesta Key, FL (which is practically in Sarasota), do it. The sand is as white as white can be, the ocean is gorgeous and the people are super friendly.

We stayed at Palm Bay Club. The property has three seperate accomodations — one on the bay side, one in the middle, and this was where we were — in the tower right on the beach. It was perfect!

Most mornings and early afternoons looked like this. But it was late afternoon when the skies turned dark and looked quite scary ...

As I was taking this picture, one of the landscaping guys came up to me and pointed out that there were two clouds that were actually swirling. That's when I went inside!

This is just a random picture that I liked. Allison and her daughter spent A LOT of time looking for shells ... I just took pictures of them.

We cooked all of our lunches and dinners with the exception of our second night in Siesta Key. We ate at a place right on the bay called Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant and Oyster Bar. It was fantastic — mainly because I forgot my diet and ordered what sounded good! I had a crab cake for my appetizer and blackened chicken and a baked potato for my main course. I also enjoyed the best rum runner I've had in ages. Yummy! Oh, and this is a picture of Allison and me at the restaurant ... as if you couldn't figure that out.

Every night we would walk on the beach at sunset. I don't think I could ever get used to how beautiful the sunsets were. My camera just didn't do them justice.

The only thing I didn't enjoy about the beach was all the seaweed. It glopped up all over the shore, in the first few feet of the ocean and inevitably ended up in my swimsuit. Fun ...

But once you got past all the seaweed, the ocean was fabulous! I usually don't go out too far, but when I can see where I'm walking, I'm fine ... the water was so clear that you could see very far out. It was great, and I am ready to go back!

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!