Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tids and bits. Bits and tids.

Yesterday I ate french fries. Oh yes ... french fries!! I finally gave in to the craving that had been eating away at my soul for the last 3 days. It felt so good to devour those fat-packed, greasy, fried potatoes. I only had a small, but I swear I could have eaten a jumbo-super-size-gut-buster-extra-large, too. ... But it's all about restraint. I honestly can't tell you how happy that little paper bag filled with waffle-cut potatoes made me. Now I think I can go another 3 months without them and be just fine.

I'm in another blogging funk, if you hadn't already noticed. I'm very busy, but not with fun things that are interesting to read about. For instance, I'm right smack in the middle of working 9 days straight. I'm somewhat grouchy and really need to buy groceries. I bought a new fancy mop yesterday that I'm thrilled about, and I'm irritated that my favorite razor (Intuition) is getting stingy with the "skin-conditioning solid" that they put around the razor so I don't have to mess with shave cream. When you pay $8 for three cartridges, you should get $8 worth of shaving out of 'em. That's not happening anymore.

I think my cat has dry skin, and when I'm done with this highly interesting post I'm going to Google how to cure her. She's scratching like she's got fleas, only she doesn't have fleas. I'm perplexed.

My mother and her boyfriend are coming down to visit from Virginia over Labor Day weekend. I actually got that time off from work, so I'm in the midst of coming up with a fantastic plan for their stay. My only problem is that I can't figure out how to pack everything in that I think they'd love to do, without absolutely killing them in the process. Too little time is always a problem. I think life should be spent doing whatever we wish, whenever we want. Too bad we're not all millionaires. I would be really good at it.