Sunday, August 05, 2007


I feel like my body has completely purged itself of any possible impurity after my 5-day battle with the stomach flu. Life is good in stomachland - finally - but it's time my spirit be cleansed as well.

Medatation is not something I'm good at. I can barely sit still through an action-packed movie, much less concentrate on clearing my mind for little more than 5 minutes. However, when I can make myself relax and focus on my inner self, it does wonders, as I reminded myself last night.

Life is so hectic, and I feel like we're often too caught up in schedules, finances and making others happy. Self-neglect is too common, but sadly it seems like it has become necessary to perform it this world. I'm hoping to change my attitude on this in the coming weeks as I get back to who I once was - before I got so bogged down.

I am so looking forward to a more peaceful spirit, as opposed to the very impatient and unhappy mindset I've had lately. Life is good, and it's time I remember to stop to smell the roses!