Friday, August 10, 2007

Just another statistic

I'm shaking in my boots, scared to death of the next 4 months and what misery, torture and heartache they will bring.

I've signed up for Intro. to Statistics, and it's already not looking pretty. Before registering I did a quick online search of a professor rating site to kind of get a feel for the instructors at the school I'm taking the course. I focused my attention on all the good rankings and, like an idiot, didn't take much notice of the professors who scored low for various reasons.

Much to my sadness, classes taught by the two professors who seemed to be the most helpful to those of us who are not gifted in math were already closed.

So I blindly signed up for an instructor I hadn't taken note of. Tonight I looked her up on the professor ranking site. Bad news, bad news, bad news.

Here is a brief sampling of the 16 negative reviews (out of 18 total).
She expected us to automatically know it and made you feel stupid when you didn't get it quickly. She doesn't seem to have problems leaving you behind if you are having issues either. DO NOT TAKE HER.

Though friendly and reasonable, her teaching style is very undisciplined and she's not very clear on subject matter.

Straight up terrible.

Does not have a clue about teaching anything above college alg.

I know that I shouldn't stress too much because who knows what kind of students wrote these reviews to begin with. However, this professor is definitely the most disliked in the math department, according to the reviews, and that makes me nervous because I am just awful at anything related to numbers.

God help me.