Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If you squint, you can see a plane crash

Me: "hello?"
Jim: "whatcha doing?"
Me: "bowling."
Jim: "at which bowling alley?"
Me: "holiday bowl on brainerd road, why?"
Jim: "oh, so the one near where the plane just crashed?"
Me: GASP!!! "what?!?!?!"
Jim: "apparently a plane just crashed into a parking lot down the street from you."
Me: "ok ... gotta run!"

So tonight I was out bowling with a couple girls I work with when I got that phone call. Needless to say, we ran out of the bowling alley, grabbed our press passes and Meghan grabbed her photo gear (she's the professional photograher of the group) and hurried toward the crash scene.

Unfortunately nobody was allowed anywhere near the plane because it was leaking fuel and needed to be cleaned up. So, this was the best shot I got - which is pretty bad.

It's times like that when I truly miss being a reporter. All the blue lights and police tape makes my adrenaline pump like mad.

Luckily all that happened was a small plane got a little too close to some power lines while on its way to land at the Chattanooga airport and crashed into a shopping center's parking lot. No one was seriously injured or killed, which is a miracle considering the heavily populated and busy area where it crashed.


In other news, my ultrasound went well. I'll write more about that tomorrow. I still don't know what's up, and likely won't know until Friday or Monday.