Friday, September 28, 2007

In desperate need of a date

Question: What's the one social event that's most dreaded by single people the world over?
Answer: A wedding
Question: What am I going to in a couple of weeks?
Answer:You guessed it, a friend's wedding ... and it's out of town - even better!

First of all, if you haven't checked out Scott's blog, give it a try. I don't get over there often enough, but it's an interesting look into the mind of a sports editor turned beer marketing man. Oh, and he's the friend who's getting married - to Jessica - who also appears in my friends list because, well, she's my friend, too!

So, at this point in my life, 90 percent of my friends are married. Which means that going to weddings without a date pretty much makes you feel like the only single person in a sea of happily married, love-filled, cute, amazing couples who have everything in the world going for them - including adorable children, dual incomes, real homes, and ponies ... OK, I just threw in that last one because it seemed to fit.

If we were to wear nametags, mine would read:
"Hello. My name is Spinster Stacey. Get me a drink."

Don't get me wrong, I love weddings. I absolutely love them. I love failed attempts at holding back tears of happiness for the newlyweds, I love all the beautiful flowers, the hopes and dreams I have for the couple, spending time with friends, food and drink - Mmm ...

But all of that spawns a broad spectrum of emotions that can only be evened out by a date taking my hand and asking me to dance - or a quick wink from across the room. Neither of which will be happening in a few weeks.

There's a reason so many movies are made about this subject ... because most everyone can relate to being the single girl/guy at a wedding. It stings a bit and can be a big blow to one's self-esteem, but we all do it because we love our friends far more than we care about our pride.

So on October 13, hug the one you love and know that there are probably thousands of singletons just like me sitting at a wedding wishing they were with a special someone, too.