Monday, October 22, 2007

Really? 500 posts?

Happy 500th post to me! Can you believe it? I know I can't.

I had intended to give you guys a rundown on my insane origami antics, but when I signed into Blogger and saw that this post would be such a milestone, I decided to chuck the origami and instead blog about blogging.

Oooo ... fun!!

The day I started "I need a [permanent] vacation" I had no clue what this blog would turn into. All I knew is that I needed a vacation, and I thought I may use this as a place to vent about how much I longed to travel the world. I never anticipated how many amazing people I would meet through this corner of the Internet. I couldn't fathom how blogging could become somewhat therapeutic. And I definitely couldn't begin to imagine all the things I've learned here.

It all started as a curiosity. How long could I really keep this up? Would anyone care to read about the not-so-glamorous life of a mixed-up girl from Tennessee? Could I even figure out how to change my stupid masthead? ... All things that worked out in some way or another.

This blog has had readers come and go, but the steady few who check in every week keep me writing about my life, as boring as it may be at times.

There are many things I wish I could bring myself to write about. God knows this blog would be far more interesting if I wrote about work, which I will never do. My love life (or sometimes lack thereof) can get really interesting at times. But I've kept that off-limits here, too. Sometimes I feel like forgetting the limits I have put on this blog, but then I regain my senses and decide my personal life doesn't have a place in cyberspace. Not yet, anyway.

But everything I have shared - from the happy posts to the sad posts - has been amazing. I've enjoyed reading comments, whether they were funny, supportive, sympathetic or just someone checking in to say hello.

These 500 posts have been fun. And I'm pretty sure I'll be in this for at least 500 more! Thanks for reading, guys.