Sunday, November 18, 2007

Red hot

I live in an apartment, and everybody knows that means my walls are that gawd-awful off-white that makes you want to paint them any color in the rainbow just to get away from the blandness.

I've often fantasized about the colors I would choose for my apartment if I were granted the luxury of diverting from straight-jacket white. I've decided my bedroom would be a petal pink, my living room would be a butter cream yellow and my kitchen would be tomato red. Yes RED. I love the color - especially on walls.

Last year when I first stepped foot into Chad's house ("House," as in he owns it and can paint the walls chartreuse if he desires), I immediately knew where the red should go. I pestered him to no end about painting the one wall in the living room. He agreed that it would look great, but never had the time. ... That is, until this weekend!

Check it out: Here's the before shot:

And behold the power of the red wall:

It only took one coat of colored primer and two coats of the red paint. So it wasn't a complete nightmare. But, we painted the rest of the living room a creamy taupe color, so we were quite busy all day (and all night) Saturday. And today, well, my muscles are SO sore.

But it is worth it. That living room looks fabulous.