Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stupid decision No. 1 million

I'm sure I won't be upset with myself in February. I'm sure by then I'll be quite pleased. But right now I would kick my own fanny if I could reach it.

It's mid-November. Christmas is right around the corner. I've bought a grand total of 1 gift. And yet I thought it was a good idea to book a cruise two weeks ago. ... A cruise that has to be paid off by Dec. 5.

The math is not looking good for me. How did I not stop to think this would affect my gift buying this season? Granted, I am very stressed lately at work and I stare at my pictures from the last beach vacation I took on a regular basis, but am I really that selfish?

Hopefully I'll win the lottery (if I ever get around to buying that ticket) and the rest of my friends and family will join me in February on my trip to Mexico. Until then, I'm hanging my head in shame.