Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day with goats (and friends)

I spent Thanksgiving with Jim's family, who live somewhat out in the country. His aunt and uncle have goats, which I found to be absolutely fantastic. They make the funniest little noises and are pretty much adorable. Don't you agree?

Two of our interns joined us for dinner and were equally as amazed at the idea of having 6-8 goats as pets. Jamie, who is from Kansas City, Mo., was a little skeptical about actually touching a goat, and hence this Thanksgiving will go down in history as the day I took the best picture ever. (I swear she was not posing. She was exactly as freaked out as the look on her face implies.)

Jim, on the other hand, was not freaked out.

And here I am with Jamie and Amber after stuffing our faces with a delicious dinner.