Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Noodle is a funny word

I've been thinking a lot about noodles lately. That's probably because making them has taken up a good portion of my (very limited) free time over the last couple of days.

And. I'm. Not. Done. Yet.

Check out my breakfast bar (i.e. my kitchen table):

Why all the fuss? Well, Jim's family has a rather large party every year around Christmas and all types of soup is served, along with yummy appetizers and fabulous desserts. Most years I've made chicken noodle soup - a recipe from my grandmother that I pretty much grew up on. If you like chicken and dumplings, you'd love my grandmother's chicken and noodles. But the key is the noodles have got to be made from scratch, and that takes time. There's mixing and kneeding and rolling and cutting and drying.

My little breakfast bar can only hold two batches at a time, and I've got eight to make! So far I've got four done, but the party is Saturday and I'm getting a little anxious about the time.

It has to get done. I'm just not sure when.