Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hairy situation

OK my fellow bloggers, I need your opinions!

I've finally landed a hair appointment on Wednesday with a fantastic stylist in Atlanta. I already know I'm having a good bit of my scraggly hair lopped off. (Just look at that mess over there on the right!) However, I'm still up in the air about highlights.

My only reservation about getting them is the upkeep - which, I realize, is a huge issue. I usually get my hair trimmed twice a year because I'm THAT uncool. Highlights, of course, need to be taken care of far more often than that.

On the flip side, highlights are a good thing for me. They brighten my whole look, and goodness knows I need that these days.

I'm stuck here. I can't decide. Looking better or no-fuss hair is what it boils down to.

So, to highlight or not to highlight?