Monday, January 14, 2008

More of nothing

I'm afraid I'm losing all two of my readers by not posting lately, so I'm going to try to be better.

With that goal in mind, I've composed a list of what's going on in my little world. Try not to get too excited. It's almost more than anyone can bear.

* I need to go shopping - terribly. My cruise is coming up in 3 weeks, and summer clothes are the last thing I want to think about - especially with snow in the forecast this week. But my shorts and T-shirts are so sad. I don't think misshapen and faded will be a trend this year, so something's got to be done. This means that unless I fall into a miracle sale, I will be paying full price for all the spring/summer clothes retailers are putting out in January. Oh joy.

* I'm going to see Shawn Mullins play Thursday night. So.very.excited.

* I booked my first ever hotel room on the other night. I'm hooked. A Hyatt for $64 a night (tax included). How does this happen? ... Especially with a NEW Hyatt! Dang.

* I believe I'm getting sick. Better now than when I'm on vacation, but I'm not pleased.

* Weight Watchers starts back this Wednesday. I am a fatty and must drop 20 lbs. by summer. So mad at myself for gaining all but 5 lbs. back.