Thursday, January 24, 2008

You get the picture

This is a terribly grainy picture, but it at least sort-of shows the end result of nearly 3 hours at the salon yesterday.

Well, except for the highlights, which you probably can't see here, but they're really there! Thankfully the stylist didn't go all crazy on my head and make me super blond.

And thanks, girls. The lowlights were an amazing idea that are also a new part of my beauty (ha ha) routine at the salon.

I will never get my hair looking half as great as the girl who worked her magic on it, but I think it looks better than it did. It was far too long for my comfort, and the ever so slightly lightened color is a godsend for my blah face these days! You can't really tell here because I have a tendency to push my hair back behind my ear, but I've also got some side-swept bangs going on. Not so sure if I can pull off that look, but I'm trying.

But, enough talk about my hair. I've got a cruise to start planning for!