Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Picture postcards from Florida

Today has been nothing short of fabulous. We drove into Apalachicola to have lunch at a little corner cafe in the middle of the downtown area. Afterward, we walked up to the water's edge, where there were several old shrimp boats docked.

I must admit I was quite fascinated by these boats. I can't imagine what it would be like to head out every morning to cast those huge nets hoping for a good catch.

Nearby, there were so many cute little shops with a so many unique items, but sadly I am extremely broke, so I bought nothing. It was just as fun to look, though!

Back on Cape San Blas, the weather was cool this afternoon, but I walked the stretch of beach near the house where we're staying. It is absolutely gorgeous here, and so very secluded. I was out for a little more than an hour and only saw one other person. Fantastic!

I'm a photographer at heart, but not a great one, so bear with me here. I took LOTS of pictures, and I feel like sharing a few! Here ya go! Click on the pictures to make them bigger ... much bigger ... I didn't scale them down enough! oops.


This was the start of the national park at the end of Cape San Blas.

Jim throwing sand at me. He thought it would deter me from taking his picture. Silly boy.

And here I am freezing my butt off in the COLD water.

The sunset this evening was breathtaking. I love it here.