Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When dreams are a little too weird

For the longest time I absolutely knew I didn't want to have children. I like kids, but I also love to travel whenever the opportunity presents itself. I like to go out with friends on a moment's notice, and I never really saw myself as the "mommy" type.

Then 29 hit, and 30 hit harder. So far 31 has been filled with baby this and baby that - from my best friend approaching her due date (April 1) to what happened to me a couple days ago while walking to my car.

I had just left a store and noticed a cute little boy who was probably about 2 years old waiting beside his dad's car while his father was getting something out of the back seat. I smiled and waved as he looked across the parking aisle at me. Then, out of no where, the child squealed, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!" and came bolting toward me - just as a car turned down the aisle. I leapt across the parking lot, scooped the little boy up and plunked him into his father's arms just as the driver figured out what was going on in front of his enormous SUV in time to hit the brakes.

Wide-eyed, the dad thanked me profusely, and I apologized for waving at the little boy - which probably prompted him to come running toward me. And that was that.

Until later that night when I went to sleep. In my dream I was expecting a baby. I was married and was super happy. It was perfect.

Until I had the ... PUPPY.

Yep, I dreamed I had a puppy. A little brown weiner dog, at that.

I'm not one to analyze my dreams, but something tells me this one would be pretty interesting to try to figure out.

I have got to get babies off my brain before my dreams get any weirder.