Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daughter of the bride

On Friday my mother is getting married. I really don't have any great attachment to her soon-to-be husband or the idea of this wedding. But I am very happy that she is so excited to have found, as she puts it, "The man of my dreams."

A parent getting married can be a funny thing to wrap your head around. I've seen my mother walk down the aisle once before and, while I was happy for her, I was also a little worried. That time, sadly, my concerns were not unfounded and the marriage was over in little more than a heartbeat. Details spared, the guy was a jerkface who never deserved the company of my mother, let alone her hand in marriage.

This time, however, I'm not worried. I can tell my mother and her fiance are pretty much perfect for each other. They act a lot like high school sweethearts, even two years after they began dating. That's amazing if you ask me, and if anyone deserves true love, it's my mother.

So why am I not overjoyed? I have no idea. I feel guilty about this, and wish I could call her up and discuss every detail with the same excitement I had when my best friend tied the knot. Instead, I find my mind wandering and the urge to ask her to please stop rattling on about all her ooey-gooey, lovie-dovie plans for the future.

Maybe it's because she lives a full day's drive away. Maybe it's because I see her once or twice a year. Maybe it's because she's changed so very much since I left for college. Or maybe it's because I just want my mother to experience the very best life has to offer.

What ever it is, I will put on a smile, welcome her new husband into the family and celebrate with my family Friday evening, all while hoping their story truly does end happily ever after.

After all, I'm not a monster. I'm just the daughter of the bride.