Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Great Shoe Hunt

I'm at it again ... I must find a new pair of shoes by this coming Thursday, and there is strict criteria that must be adhered to.

1. Must be ultra COMFORTABLE
2. Absolutely must be stylish (Think 31-year-old stylish)
3. Must be breathable
4. Must NOT be sneakers

Well, I guess that's my only criteria, but it's all important. So, with that said, what do you guys think about these? I tried several shoes on from this brand this afternoon, and they were super comfy. But they didn't have this particular style in my size. Ugh. Looks like if I want 'em, I'll need to order from Amazon ASAP. (I'm going to D.C. in a week and don't want to end up with aching feet like I did last year.)

So, tell me, are they completely dorky?