Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Suddenly I have a life!

Working second shift can wreak havoc on an attempt at maintaining a social life on the rest of the world’s schedule.

Dinner plans are generally as follows: Me, sitting at a computer, eating a Lean Cuisine or some leftovers, reading page proofs and hoping I have enough time to get up to clean out my bowl, plate or whatever I’m eating from before I get so sick of smelling what I’ve just consumed that I fling it across the office.

That is, unless I’m not at work. In which case, I’m usually at home, by myself because most of my friends are at work.

Because I don’t have many friends outside the office.
Because I work second shift.

See how it goes? Not that I’m complaining, mind you … I’m just ‘splaining.

One more thing: I don’t have a set schedule. As in, my days off change from week-to-week. So even though I have friends at work, if our schedules don’t mesh, we say “hi” and “bye” at the office - and that’s just about it.

Until lately.

Things have changed, and I’m LOVING it! Somehow the planets have aligned just right, and I’ve been able to go out with the girls more than just once every blue moon.

And I’ve met new people, which is always great! Take for instance Mary (names have been changed to protect the innocent who don’t know that I blog). She’s a new girl at the office who I absolutely love. We’re the same age, have the same ideas, love to travel and are actually going to try to plan a trip to NYC when she gets vacation time. How very cool.

Dinner and drinks with the girls Sunday night took me back to my days in college when I had plenty of girlfriends to hang out with at a moment’s notice. While it was awesome then, boy do I appreciate it even more now.